Naughty FRDM-KL25Z Likes Being Touched

More fun getting to know the FRDM-KL25Z Cortex-M0+ development board. This time I wanted to learn about interfacing an HD44780 compatible text LCD.

At first, I wasted a day trying to use one of mbed’s popular TextLCD libraries. Whatever I tried, it wouldn’t work. Eventually I thought I might have broken the LCD in antiquity. I dug out the old Arduino UNO and rigged up a brief “Hello, World!” to see if it worked; indeed it did. LCD works; gotta be the library!

Digging around a bit, and I found the “NewTextLCD” library; it’s syntax appeared to be more or less the same. A quick reassemble with the KL25Z, loaded the new library and did another quick HW test; it worked! Just getting it to display text is a bit boring, not a challenge at all and quite uninspiring. It’s a good thing the board has a capacitive touch slider…

Gutter brains, ACTIVATE!


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