Odroid C1+ PSU Boards Successful

Assembly and testing of the LM2596 based switched mode step-down voltage regulator boards for the Odroid C1+ project is complete. And with added benefits…

In my previous post, I described my project for work regarding the Odroid C1+ and the cost-effective PSU boards I’ve been tinkering with. So far I have assembled nine of the required ten PSU boards with DC sockets, flyleads and Odroid DC cables. The pictures show an old assembly I made last year, but could never get to work properly, so it was shelved indefinitely. With these new boards, I decided to dig it out and see if I could get it working again.

The issue I had last year was that despite my best efforts, I could not get this Odroid C1+ board to output 1080p. I tried replacing everything (except the Odroid itself) but to no avail. Since then, Hardkernel have released the Android 4.4.2 (v2.5) image of Google’s Android OS. Previously and at the time I was having the issues with said Odroid, only the v2.4 image was available. Strangely enough, booting the older Odroid with the newer image allowed me to successfully adjust the output resolution to 1080p. At the time, other Odroid boards were working properly, just not this one. So the story ends on a good note, I’m up an Odroid board and progress on my new project is going well (so far).

The photo’s show the test rig I’m using to make sure I’m not being an idiot. It shows the infamous Odroid C1+, switched mode PSU board, screen board and a Full HD screen. All of which is being powered by a laptop-style 240VAC to 12VDC adapter…and nothing burned out, HOORAY!


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