Odroid C1+ PSU Boards



I have assembled the first seven of ten DC-DC boards for a work project using as many Odroid C1+ SBCs. As you might know the Odroid C1+ demands a 5VDC power supply, and whilst this is true, my project also requires 12VDC and to be driven by a single laptop style PSU.

As you might be able to see from the lower image, these DC-DC converter boards are driven by an LM2596 switched mode step-down IC. They have a maximum input voltage of 45VDC and maximum current draw of 3A. These boards use the adjustable version of the chip, and the output can be trimmed accurately to voltages with a resolution of 10mV. These board can be readily found on eBay for not very much. I’d recommend them if you have a need for them.

In my case, I am using 12VDC 4A PSU with a 2.5mm x 5.5mm DC barrel jack. I have soldered twin 3A DC cable to the board with a flylead back off the board’s input to power the 12VDC device. On the other end of the board I’ve gruesomely mutilated the Odroid C1+’s USB power cable to provide the 5VDC feed to the Odroid. 3A load handling is overkill for the Odroid C1+, but I wanted the DC-DC board to run fairly cool as the whole assembly will be housed in a low volume box.

So far, all DC-DC boards have tested OK powering the Odroids on their own. Next up is load testing the whole assembly when the other parts arrive.

Wish me luck!


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