“Murphy’s Law” Strikes Again

What happens when one buys themselves a new toy, or in this case two new toys? Something else happens to put a spoiler on things. That’s good ol’ Murphy for you…the git!

Enamored and giddy with having parted with yet more money for my slowly assembling home computing lab, I wanted a play with my two “new” (and by new, I mean refurbished) Lenovo ThinkCentre A58 mini-towers. That’s when Murphy walked in; at the same time, the CPU cooling fan in my trusty Lenovo ThinkPad T410 decided to give up the ghost. Naturally I was miffed! I use that thing for practically all of my day-to-day computer needs. And to boot, as I stripped the thing down to read MPN’s I discover that a part of the screen’s left hinge had sheared off sometime in the distant past, which explains why the lid has been wobbly. New hinges arrived and have been fitted, but I’m still waiting for the new fan. Hopefully it is a faulty fan, and not fan control on the motherboard…

In the mean time, I guess Murphy has given me the opportunity to properly test one of the new ThinkCentre’s.  As you can see, it’s running Ubuntu…and I feel dirty about that; I’m a Debian man, you see. But Ubuntu is just a crutch that lets me watch my cartoons until the ThinkPad is healthy again, so I can’t complain too much.


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